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Experience. Competence. Integrity.


Maintaining competent leadership at the City Attorney's Office

  • Ensure continuance of top-notch legal counsel and representation in lawsuits against and on City’s behalf.

  • Continue to guide City management during the pandemic in its efforts to protect the health and safety of residents and City employees.

  • Continue to streamline and update City policies and procedures resulting in more efficient government, improved employee satisfaction, and better meet the needs of residents.

  • Ensure continuity of the delivery of services despite the COVID-induced strain on City revenues. 

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Providing government oversight, accountability & transparency

  • Continue to serve as the City’s watchdog for open and fair government, ensuring that all employees and elected officials understand and abide by their obligation to comply with the law and City rules/policies. 

  • Vigilantly protect local control over local issues by Compton residents and defending the City Charter.

  • Seek recovery of taxpayer funded expenses incurred by City as a result of civil enforcement actions, fraud and waste. 

  • Regularly conduct public hearings to declare property owners of illegal businesses and unpermitted structures as public nuisances.

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Realigning the City Attorney's priorities with community needs

  • Complete negotiations of the City’s first Project Labor Agreement, which will ensure that the trade unions who staff major development deals and infrastructure improvements in the City commit to training and employing Compton residents.  

  • Revise the City’s illegal dumping, graffiti and marijuana ordinances to expand opportunities for criminal prosecution and strengthen civil enforcement.  

  • Proactively address racial injustice and develop innovative strategies to reform and reimagine policing in the City. 

  • Explore implementation of restorative justice programs at the Compton Courthouse.

  • Complete ordinances regarding permit parking, prohibitions on oversized vehicles on residential streets, and 72-hour parking.

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